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Celebrated in Hindu mythology and religion, the Garhwal Himalayas are said to be the "Abode of the Gods". The river Ganges takes its source in this remote massif, at the sacred shrine of Gangotri, and rushes down to the plains in a torrential fury. Very few trekkers follow this itinerary which will lead to one of the most important spots of Hindu spirituality, where you will experience a strange atmosphere of religious fervour.

18-day trek: From Kedarnath, where hundreds of pilgrims arrive from all regions of India, the path proceeds at first along the sacred Bhagirathi river, then through dense forests and grassy areas as far as Lata. From there it is a 5-hour drive to Gangotri, where the second part of the trek starts. Near Gaumukh, closeto the Source of the Ganges, you will experience the strange view of half-naked saddhus in the lotus position, meditating on the bank of the bubbling stream pouring out the glacier. Further up, Tapovan is a grassy area with numerous brooks, surrounded by snowy peaks.

Day01 :
Arrive Delhi
On arrival meet at the airport and transfer to the Hotel.O/n stay at Hotel.

Day 02: Delhi /Mussoorie 1921 mts
Receive at Delhi railway station and straight drive of 300 km to Mussoorie. The road winds up to Mussoorie, a beautiful summer resort. Overnight in hotel.

Day 03: Mussoorie
Day free at Mussoorie to explore the surroundings. Night Stay at Mussoorie.

Day 04: Mussoorie/Uttarkashi 1150 mts.
Drive 5 hours. The drive along the ridge line to Chamba, affords panoramic views of the high mountain peaks of Garhwal. Then down to Tehri to join the Bhagirathi river valley, which we follow upto Gangotri. Overnight in Tourist Bungalow in Uttarkashi.

Day 05: Uttarkashi/Gangotri 3048 mts.
Drive 5 hours (100 kms). Following the torrential river up stream, the road winds up the valley past the hot sulphur springs at Gangnani, to climb steeply up a seies of hairpin bends to the village of Sukki.

Day 06: Gangotri
The Day is spent exploring this place of pilgrimage. Thousands of Pilgrims arrive here in summer to wash away their sins in the holy Ganga, it is said that Lord Shiva sat at the base of this fall to take the Ganga into his locks, for otherwise her descent from the heavens would have split the earth. Overnight in hotel/tourist bunglow.

Day 07: Gangotri/Chirbasa or Bhojbasa 3350 mts.
An easy walk (13 KMS TREK). The wide trail initially passes through dense deodar forests before emerging into the wide unforested valley. It then carries on to a small isolated forest of pine at Chirbases, literally the abode of pines. Camp on a grassy meadow beside the Bhagirathi.
Trek time : 5 hours, 13 KMS TREK.

Day 08: Bhojbasa/Gaumukh 3850 mts.
Continuing along the pilgrim grassy hillsides. Trail then curves, to unfold a breathtaking view of wild flowers studded meadows crowned by the Bhagirathi group of peaks Camp on a wide sandy beach at Gaumukh, where the holy Ganga gushes out of the snout of the Gangotri glacier, is set in a wide moraine-stream valley Shivling 6540 m, sits looking down like an old learned man, while the Bhagirathi I, II and III tower above.
Trek time : 5 hours, 4 KMS.

Day 09: Gaumukh/Tapovan 4350 mts.
The trail leaves its way through the terminal moraine before cutting across the Gangotri glacier and climbing steeply up to the grassy slopes to the vast ablation valley of Tapowan. The vast meadows strewn with wild flowers are situated at the base of Shivling. The Bhagirathi peaks are now almost within touching distance. Camp is set in the heart of high mountains country for 3 nights.
Trek time : 5 hours, 5 KMS TREK.

Day 10: Tapovan/Kirti Bamak/Tapovan
A full Days walk to the Kirti Bamak glacier and to the base of peaks Kedarnath Dome 6850 m, Kirti Bamak 6500 m and to a view of Shivling from the east. Return to camp.
Trek time : 6 hours, 7 KMS TREK.

Day 11: Tapovan/Meru Glacier/Tapovan 4800 mts.
Another full Days walk. Crossing the meadows of Tapowan the trail climbs into another ablation valley, which is followed to the base of Mt. Meru 6400 m - yet another of the spectacular Garhwal peaks, it's mythical name is "The mountain of Gold". Return to camp.
Trek time : 5 hours, 6 KMS TREK.

Day 12: Tapovan/Nandavan 4570 mts
This Day is largely an exercise is boulder hopping. Crossing the moraine covered Gangotri glacier to Nandawan located at the confluence of the Chaturangi and the Gangotri glaciers. Literally meaning the four coloured glacier. The Chaturangi is truly multi-hued. The massive meadows of Nandavan are situated at the base of the Bhagirathi massif. The area provides excellent sightings of Bharal (blue sheep). Overnight in camp.
Trek time : 6 hours, 7 KMS TREK.

Day 13: Nandavan/Vasuki Tal 4800 mts.
A full Days walk to the picturesque Vasuki tal lake. The trail follows a grassy ridge running parallel to the Chaturangi glaciers, across a small glaciereroded valley to Vasuki tal. It then continues along the lateral moraine of the Chaturangi glacier to views of
Mt. Satopanth. Return to camp.
Trek time : 6 hours, 7 KMS TREK.

Day 14: Nandavan/Gaumukh
Another boulder hop along the Gangotri glacier to its snout at Gangotri.
Trek time : 5 hours, 13 KMS TREK.

Day 15: Gaumukh/Gangotri/Uttarkshi
Retrace steps to Gangotri. Drive to Uttarkashi. Overnight in camp or Tourist huts.

Day 16: Uttarkshi/Rishikesh
Drive to Rishikeh 5 hours.

Day 17: Rishikesh/Delhi
Drive to Haridwar railway station and from Haridwar catch train for Delhi. On arrival meet at the station and transfer to the hotel.O/n stay at Hotel.

Day 18: Delhi/Departure
Morning free in the afternoon transfer to the international airport time to catch flight for Onward destinations.


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